Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday already?!

It doesn't seem like it should be Thursday already. Where has the week gone?? I'm not complaining since this weekend is a long weekend for us in BC, but still.

I went back to the doctor yesterday for my hands. They are still aching really bad, even after 2 weeks of medication. Now I get to have a full month of medication. Lucky me!! I was told to be patient, that sometimes people have tendinitis for months. How can you be patient when you're in pain all time time?? The only thing that doesn't hurt is sitting still, which I can only do for so long before I go friggen crazy. I wish there was more that I could do. Anyone have any home remedies for tendinitis??

I weighed myself this morning - 203.3 pounds. I am so close to 10 pounds lost, I can almost see it!! I don't feel any different, but the fact that I've had to pull out my belt again does mean something. I'm going to see if I can fit into my 32 jeans this morning. That will really be a good sign. I've been thinking about the numbers a lot, and while I think it's good to have a number to reach for, I think the key is going to be how I feel. I remember the first time I bought size 29 jeans. I don't really remember what size I wore in high school, but after living in Cranbrook, I gained a bunch of weight and was in like size 32 or so. Then, when I lived in Kamloops, I barely ever wore jeans (because I HATE them - I only wear them now because I have to for work) so I have no idea what size I wore. My first 29 jeans were in 2007 when I was working as a delivery driver. Those were the best pants ever! I want to get back to those...and soon!

Ok, I better go, time to get ready for work.

Talk soon!

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