Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More About Goals

So, I thought about my goals yesterday. I'm not ready to post them, as I want to be 100% sure when I do post them. But, just so you know, I have been thinking about them!

Work is another story entirely. As you know, I am currently an inside sales and service representative - meaning I deal with customers on the phone and when the come into the branch. I had my last "performance excellence" (sounds a bit like corporate BS, don't you think?) meeting with my branch manager, and it went really well. We talk about my progress, and if I am improving or need to work on some parts of my job. Then, right at the end, he asks me where I want to go. Basically, in our branch, I could move up to outside sales (no thanks!) or branch manager. And I really hadn't given it too much thought. He told me that I need to think about it, because if I want to become the next branch manager, we need to start training me for it now. Floored me! Totally floored. I honestly hadn't thought too much about it because we have been so focused on John's career, and not mine for the past 5 years. Now it's time to think about what's best for me, and it's so strange!

Anyways, quick update. Need to get the branch open for the day! Have a good day all!

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