Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vegas 2012 - Paris

Back to blog again! I know, I know! A shock!! I told you I was going to try to get more regular about posting!!

So, like I mentioned in my last post, Hubs and I went to Vegas at the beginning of last month. What a fun place! It was much much much too hot, but that was something we apparently felt the need to find out the hard way. We stayed at the Paris resort (because I'm still obsessed with Paris!) and it was awesome! We were right next door to Planet Hollywood, and right across the strip from the Bellagio.

Wanna see some pictures??

 This is one of my favourite collages (all collage photos were taken on my iPhone). I LOVED the resort! Every morning, we got to see the Eiffel Tower! Yes, I do realize that it's a quarter of the size, but it's still pretty cool. We actually went up it the last night and got to see a Bellagio show from the top. Now that's cool! It was kinda scary up there - I have no idea how I did it when I was up the real one! The photo in the collage was actually from the pool, which was another place we spent a lot of time. With it being so damn hot, we had to! Otherwise we would have melted. Like literally, melted.

The was Gordon Ramsey's Steak, his new restaurant in our hotel. So worth it! Very expensive, but so worth it! It was amazingly decorated, and the service was amazing. I had his famous beef wellington, and holy crap! It was amazing. Just amazing! But, if you're going there expecting the menu to be the same as what you see on Hell's Kitchen, you're in for a disappointment. It's a steak house, so don't expect scallops or risotto. If you want that, go to Hell's Kitchen!!

Here are a couple of shots from our wanderings. The one on the left is New York New York. What a cool looking place! I wonder if you can actually go up the towers and the Statue of Liberty. That would be awesome! On the right is Planet Hollywood, our neighbour. I really enjoyed that hotel. The Paris was a very laid back and low key, where Planet Hollywood was upbeat and rockin' all the time! We saw "Peepshow" there, and went to a couple of restaurants. Also the Miracle Mile shops right there. So very cool!

And here's Caesar's Palace. What a neat place! We took these photos the first night on our way to the Ron White show. I was impressed by the size of the property that it was on. It's massive! Apparently the hotel itself isn't the largest around, but there are the Colosseum shops (very expensive shops like Coach) and lots of fountains and other things. Pretty sure that Wolfgang Puck has a restaurant in there. I definitely would like to wander around there a little bit more next time!

And then there were the cool shops! Hubs and I spent most of one day at the south outlet mall (I definitely recommend that one in the summer, because it's more of a traditional mall, with 90% of the shops inside, where the north outlet mall is a long way north and is an outside shopping area) and on our way back, we stopped in at M&M World and the Coca-Cola Store. Both were super packed but cool! But, a word to the wise - don't bother buying any M&M's there. Or Coke, for that matter. It's super expensive! If you want souvenirs, then go for it, but Wallgreen's has M&M's for a quarter of the price!! I did really enjoy the experience though!

And, one of the other parts of the experience was the drinking of course! Good beer, wines, and of course, margarita's from Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville in the Flamingo. It was amazing to me that when we went to the little shop in our hotel, a 24 ounce beer, or a little bottle of wine, was the same price as water! We learned our lesson though - find a Wallgreen's and buy water there! Personally, I can't live on just beer and wine and tequila (because, let's face it, I pretty much just drank the tequila out of the bottom of that pitcher!).

And then there was the food! There was a burger place in the hotel, and it was so good - we went there twice, so you know it was good! I had this amazing turkey burger. Served on a parmesan cheese bun, with turkey bacon, white cheddar, lettuce and tomatoes. Oh, and I forgot - a over medium egg! So good! Hubs even had to have one the second time we were there! It was a bit weird when we had a regular hamburger there - Canadians aren't used to being asked if we want our hamburger rare, medium or well done! Then we had chicken and waffles over at the PBR in Planet Hollywood. So fricken good! I think I've found my new favourite meal! It's definitely a must try!

So, it's obvious that we enjoyed our time in Vegas! My words of advice on going to Vegas are: don't go in the summer unless you can deal with 40+ weather, don't go on a long weekend unless you LOVELOVELOVE crowds, and take your time while you're there. The best thing we did was relax a bit. Some people go to Vegas and never have a chance to relax. Hubs and I relaxed, but mostly it was because after about the second day we decided that we would definitely go back. Actually, we're already planning our next trip back - this time in February, and with some friends. We're planning on staying at the MGM Grand, so it'll be a whole new experience. Hopefully we'll be able to go to Freemont Street then too. I just couldn't bear the thought of going there the last time because it was just too hot! Next time though, I'm there!

Ok. I fought with Blogger to get this one perfect for way too long! Time to get going!!

Have a great day all!

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  1. Great to see you back blogging, and love your Vegas pics!