Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking Back

What a year 2011 has been. For so many years, it seemed like nothing changed for me: I hated my job, wasn't in love with the city I lived in, but I had the love of a wonderful guy. 2011 changed some of that. I still have the love of my guy, and I think I will for a long, long time. But, I had the courage to change jobs, and went from hell as an ISSR at Acklands-Grainger, to being unemployed from February to June, then I was an Office Administrator for Grimshaw Trucking, then an Office Assistant at the BCOGC before finally landing back at Acklands-Grainger as an ISSR in a different store. We also left the city that I called home, and came to love, to move to Fort Nelson. Lots of changes, I'd say!


I think that quitting AGI in FSJ was the best thing I could have done, even though there was a lot of struggle. Quitting with no job to go to is a scary thing. Luckily my hubby made enough to cover us for the few months that I was off. I went through a bit of depression when once I started to look for a job I couldn't find one, but then when I did, I sat on my butt all day and gained back all of the weight I lost the year before plus some. But, even with all of that, quitting is still something I will not regret. That place was totally toxic, and from what I hear, it still is. AGI in Fort Nelson couldn't be more different. There's still the same kind of struggle, but when you don't have a boss screaming at you all the time, it makes it so much nicer. In general, the atmosphere here is 100% better.


One thing I can't stand, is our damn radio station. Ever lived in a town with only 1 radio station? Welcome to Fort Nelson! We have the Bear, which is a rock station, which can be bad enough, but the guy who is on first thing in the morning has no personality whatsoever. It's so annoying.


Anyways, back to 2011. I think I can look back, and enjoy most of what I did this year. John and I had a great vacation this year, and got a chance to visit a lot of people. It's always nice when you get the chance to see family and friends - and to explore. I am so happy with the fact that we got to spend time around Banff and Lake Louise. Growing up so close to there, we didn't really ever stop to see it, but it was amazing to get the chance to do so. And to finally visit Drumheller! I had never been there, and because a friend of mine was getting married in Hanna, we got to go! I felt like a little kid. It was fantastic. We did a lot more too, lots of camping. Buying our travel trailer was one of the best things we could do. Personally, I'm not much of a camper. I find it very hard to stay focused and not eat all day because of boredom. John is the camper. He works so much that he needs time to relax, and camping is when he relaxes. So, we camped almost every weekend this summer. We usually didn't go too far from home - mostly to Charlie Lake or Taylor, except for our big road trip this summer, and once out to Inga Lake. I even learned how to hook up to the truck myself and haul the trailer. Next year I need to learn how to back it up.


And on to 2012. I have no doubt it will also be an interesting year. We still have our house in FSJ, so once that sells, we can buy a house up here. Buying a house is always exciting. Hopefully we can be in one before next fall! And we have a lot of travelling planned again. In February, we're going down to Dawson Creek to see Dierks Bently in concert. Then not much until May. On the 19th of this month we welcomed another niece into our family - John's brother and his wife had their second baby, another girl named Delling Annelle. We'll be heading down to Kamloops for a week to visit them, and our other family and friends in the area. Pretty sure we'll be taking the trailer for that trip, and staying out at the wildlife farm again. Maybe this time we'll actually have time to go and check it out. Then on July long weekend, we're going to camp near Prince George for a week. We're close enough that we can go into town one day, but also close enough that John's family and friends can come out and visit. There is a great beach where we are going to camp, and lots of hiking trails. Then in September, we're going to leave the trailer behind, and go to Edmonton, Golden and Calgary. Visiting family and friends in all places, and John will have his company hockey tournament in Calgary. Yep, another year with a lot of travel. And we want to get up to the hot springs that are just north of here, and to Fort Liard, which is just 2 and a half hours north of us across the NWT border, and to Whitehorse, YT, which is about 9 hours northeast of here. Yep, pretty sure our truck is going to get A LOT of kilometers put on it next year!


And then there's the weight loss goals of 2012 which I've already outlined. Man, it's going to be tough, but not too tough. I think, by this time next year, I'll be talking about maintaining, and not about losing. Man, that will feeeel gooooooooood! I can't wait! More on that to come in the next couple of days - weigh0in number 1 is coming up so soon!


Anyways, I'm sending this as an email through my work account. It's super dead. I'm the only ISSR here, and I've had one call in the last 50 minutes, and it was John. But, he gave me some orders, so I guess I should get to it.


Have a wonderful day all!

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