Sunday, December 4, 2011

Northern Lights

That's right - Northern Lights. I finally got to see them last night!! I was so excited! Here's what happened:

Last night was John's Christmas party. It wasn't too bad. We went to the community small business party, and it was pretty packed. The food was surprisingly good. Like, yummy. But the band wasn't too hot. We drank a lot, and I even had my first experience with Susan's purse. Yes, Susan's purse. Susan is an older woman (I'd say in her 50s), and a Newfie, so she likes to drink! She had little bottles of Baha Rosa in her purse, and we went into the bathroom and were passing them back and forth under the stalls. Too funny! I couldn't keep up with her at all, so John and I decided to leave.

Now, they were supposed to have safe rides home for us all, but we couldn't get through with the number that was given. It just went t voicemail. So, no, we didn't drive - Curt picked us up so both of our trucks were at home - we walked. Fort Nelson doesn't seem too big, but when you're a little drunk, and it's -5 and you're wearing a skirt and heels, it's a long way home. We were almost home and I looked up, and there were the Northern Lights!

I've only seen them twice before - once near Lloydminster, and once in FSJ. Both times they were green, and rather faint. Last night they were green and PURPLE! And fairly bright! I think if we had been able to get outside of town, away from the street lights, it would have been very bright! It made walking in the cold all worth it! Even if I think I pulled my groin muscle slightly, and my feet are hurting more than normal, it was worth it!

John's off to FSJ for a few days this week. I'm not sure what I'm going to do without him! I got him to put together my tread climber, but I'm having some foot issues that I'm going to need to go to a doctor for. I have a bump on the inside of my foot, above the back of my arch. It doesn't hurt right now, but after standing all day, it's unbearable. It wasn't too bad all week, but by Friday night it was shooting pain through my whole foot. Not pleasant. Makes it hard to want to work out, that's for sure! Hopefully I can get into the doctor this week, and see what the hell is going on.

Anyways, I'm watching Angels and Demons, and working on a really cute baby blanket! Time to go!

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