Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reward & New Goal

I am so happy to have achieved my goal, if even a few days late - that still counts, right? I think so, and on the advice of MK, I am declaring this goal met!

Now to my reward:

This hoodie is currently winging it's way to me from Vancouver! I can't wait to see the colour, it looks so light and refreshing!

Now to my next goal. I'm glad to have made my first goal, but there's no time to waste!

Sunday, March 25 - weigh-in #12: 10 pound goal - 193.5 pounds
Reward: facial

That's what I'm working towards now. I already have a head start on it, but I'd like to keep at it this time, and not come down to the wire. It will be difficult for a couple of weeks with our move, but I have to find ways to still work out, and to eat healthy.

I also have a mini-goal for the month of February. MK is trying really hard to get into the 160's this month, so I decided that I should try to get into the 190's this month as well. Might was well crack into another set of digits, and make it to One-derland. Another mini-goal doesn't hurt!

Last night, John and I went for dinner. I had a glass of wine and pasta. I was thinking I was defeated. I worked out at lunch again, and watched what I ate. Turns out I gained half a pound, which is really no biggie. At this point, half a pound is really nothing to worry about. I could be down it tomorrow!

Anyway, should go and get ready for work. Have a great day everyone!

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