Thursday, June 30, 2011

Changes to A Year of Change

So, I'm thinking that I might have to change my blog. I love my blog, and I will not be changing the location, just a few things about it. I want more out of my blog, so it will be getting changed in the near future - maybe this weekend!

I think that this blog is more about my whole life these days, not just my weight loss. I want it to be more.

So, what can you look forward to?

More crafty things - more than just crochet! Maybe not initially, but I have some other crafty things going that might not come to fruition until camping season is over.

More photos of the things that we do - it's time to get out and enjoy the summer, and take photos! No more sitting in the house every night!

And, more life. Just life.

I will still keep you updated on my weight loss. It's still a constant in my life, but right now it has been sidelined by the Achilles tendonitis. It's still present though!

The blog is "A Year of Change" and it's time for another change! Stay tuned!

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