Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday, September 17

Saturday morning started out great. My mom and I went and checked out the Farmer's Market (which I have to admit, kind of sucked), and hung out. Got the oil changed in the truck, you know, lots of really fun things! Not!

Then around noon, John and I were off to Fort Nelson for the night. I have to admit, the road up there sucks - it's rough, badly made, and could be pretty scary. But, it's beautiful. I'm sure that I will get bored of it eventually, but right now, I think it's fantastic. Especially this time of year. It's all yellow leaves and yellow grass. So beautiful. And it doesn't look like the pine beetle has made it's way up there yet, so the evergreens are still just that - green.

We got into the big city of Fort Nelson, and checked into our hotel room - you've got to check this out. For a small, small town, the hotel is pretty awesome:

John sitting in our lounge room

The room with 2 queen beds
Super nice hotel room! And very nice restaurant, where we met John's new manager, Suhki. We had a great dinner, and talked about his plans for us in Fort Nelson - and I mean us. Not just John, as most managers think. He's already talking about how he's going to get me involved so that I enjoy my life in Fort Nelson. Little does he know I'm more of a chill person to John's hyper. Oh well.

It was a pretty great night. Before we met up with Suhki we drove around Fort Nelson on our own, looking for houses and things. It's not a large town (I wish I had thought to bring my actual camera!) but it was nice to drive around. I'm loving it already!

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