Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday September 6

Well, John made a lot more progress yesterday, including installing the crazy death stairs. The back of our deck is so tall that we have to have like 7 stairs or something, but John couldn't get runners that would work properly, so he bought something to work in the meantime. I'm terrified of them. They're like attic stairs. I hope we can get them fixed REALLY soon.

Yesterday was also my first whole day training the new girl. She's doing very well. I think it's going to take her a few days to get into the routine once I'm gone, but I'm sure she will do fine. I have to remember to show her a few more things today, and then I should be ok.

Yesterday was also an Oil Wives executive meeting. I'm so done with Oil Wives right now, but I think it's just the onslaught of convention. I'm really really hoping that once convention is over it will be fun again. I just didn't even want to be there at all last night. And everything has to be discussed when really it doesn't, and it seems to me that we waste a lot of time. So lame.

Anyways, now you are caught up. I have to go have a shower and prepare for my last day at Grimshaw Trucking!

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