Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Official Weigh-In #12 {a few days late}

Ok, I am a few days late - oops! I am so forgetful lately! I did, however, remember to weigh on Sunday.

Sunday, March 18 - 200 pounds

Sunday, March 25 - 202.5 pounds

2.5 pound gain :(

12 week weigh-in goal - 193.5 pounds {fail}

As you can see, I definitely didn't make my goal. Lame! But, I know why. Poor eating and very little working out. I can't blame anyone buy myself. And, I do call it a "failure" but I think failing every once in a while is humbling. I need to take a look at the last 6 weeks, and see why this happened, and make myself work harder for the next goal.

I did weigh this morning, and I'm down to 202 pounds. Monday, I was up to 203.5. My lack of motivation is horrible, and it's pissing me off, to be entirely honest. I lost the 1.5 yesterday because I worked out (Damn JM - I still HATE squat & press) and ate better. Not stellar, but better. I've completely lost sight of the goals I set out on January 1. But, I'm working on gaining the strength back to make it happen.

So, now I have a new goal. I'm throwing the goal schedule I made up out the window. Yup, right out the window.

My new plan is to make goals one stage at a time. One large goal at a time, and a bunch of mini goals.

My next big goal is for June 3. I am going to wedding on June 9 (my 26th birthday) and I want to be in the 180s by then. I want to feel good about my body, and being around 30 pounds lighter in 5 months would definitely do that. Not to mention that I will be seeing a lot of people from high school (I would imagine) and I'd like to not feel like a fat slob. I know I can't get into the 160s by then, so I will settle for the 180s!

My next goal is:

Sunday, June 3 - 182.5 pounds

That's 10 weeks away, and 20 pounds, so 2 pounds per week. I'd like to get a bit ahead of myself, and be a bit lower, but, I think that this is a good, solid goal. I'm going to have to work really hard, but I think I can do it. With some hard work and good eating habits, I think I can do it.

I'm also going to do my measurements soon (waiting for something special to come in the mail - I'll keep you posted) and do them every couple of weeks to see where I'm at. I think losing inches is more important than weight, but weight is so much easier to keep track of!

And as for mini goals, I'm working on that. MK made a few goals for the end of April, which are more fitness based than weight based. I'm thinking about some of those as well. I haven't weight trained all year; in fact, I just found my weights. Doing pushups and crunches yesterday just about killed me. Not cool! Those will be some of the things that I will be working on towards my next goal of June 3.

I'd also like to start doing at least 1 big walk per week. Now that we have Molly, we've been walking, but I doubt more than a kilometer or more at a time, except for Saturday, where we walked to get a coffee (or a London Fog in my case) and I think that was between 3 and 4 kilometers. I'd like to do one 5-10 per week (starting at closer to 5 and working up to 10). Soon I will be able to walk to work, which is 2 kilometers each way, just waiting on it to not be so cold in the morning (looks like I might be able to try on Thursday!) and that will help out. 4 kilometers a day plus walking Molly at least 2, that'll be 6 a day. I think I can handle that! The pounds should just drop off! LOL!

Anyways, I should go back to work. Not that there is anything to do, but, I should anyways. Now I have a new goal to look towards - June 3 and 182.5 pounds!

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  1. I am really proud of you, and am enjoying watching your struggle and success. You can do it! You are helping me keep up with my own get in shape struggle. Thanks!