Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lack of Motivation

I am so freaking tired. So so so tired. I think it's my allergies. Taking an antihistamine barely helped today.

Which leads me to my lack of motivation. I'm tired! Who wants to work out or watch what they're eating when they're tired?? It's so nice out today - cool, but so sunny - and I really want to take Molly for a nice long walk, but do I have the motivation? I better find it somewhere!

Yesterday John and I took Molly for a 3 kilometer walk. It was really nice! I'm hoping to do either 4 or 5 tonight though. I don't think John wants to go on super long walks, and he plays hockey tonight and tomorrow night, so I might as well take advantage!

But, I have to get the motivation up. Argh!


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  1. I've been there... am there, many times. There are just some days I look out the window and think "I should go out, I have to go out for a walk" and try to find the courage to do so. Sometimes it doesn't work. Others I have to because I have to go to work. But when I manage to get the courage to go out for a walk, it feels so good (even though I come back dragging my feet) that I wonder what kept me from doing it before.
    The sun actually helps a lot. Believe me... :)x