Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Deal has Fallen Through

Yes, another deal has fallen through. Our house still has not sold. It's too bad, because I knew that the guy who was buying it wouldn't be able to do it. It was a guy that hubby had to "lay off" (aka fire) because he didn't have his shit together. Then, him and his new girlfriend (of a few months) decided to move and buy a new house. Now, the thing about the girlfriend. The guy was actually with someone else, I think until January or February. The mother of his little girl, who is just over one year old. He basically jumped from her bed to the new girlfriend's. Then there was a period in April that he was back and forth, and then he decides to move and buy a house with the new one. Can you say stupid?! So, now we've waiting almost a month, and we're back to square one. How many people go through this many failed offers? Apparently our idiot realtor is meeting someone today to write up and offer that will be on condition of sale. I'm not too excited about it. And our realtor is so dumb I doubt I'll be able to even get any questions answered. Oye. I just want this to be over. So over. Now we have to wait even longer. I'm so tired of this.

Ok. Time to get ready for work. I'm just so annoyed.

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