Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back From Camping...

That's it folks! Camping is over for us! For this year, anyways.

I'm glad, in a way. It's been a great summer, but I'm more excited about getting into fall. This year, fall means hard workouts and weight loss for me and John! As I am typing, he is setting up my Tread Climber, and then most likely tomorrow night he will set up his Bow Flex. I am so excited to get started on these things! Time to kick it into high gear!

This weekend was pretty good. John and my dad went out hunting a few times, but didn't see anything that they could shoot. There's an early start to the season up here for bull moose (male) of any size, but unfortunately it seemed like they knew it and they were in hiding. Mom and I got a good chance to read our books, and just relax. We got rained out today, but it was ok because I was dying to come home and have a shower. We have one in the trailer, but if we're just gone for the weekend I usually don't worry about showering until we get home. It's nice to not have to use an outhouse though!

I should get back to cleaning up the house. I want to get as much done in the next few days as I can so that this weekend and next week there isn't much to do. We're starting on our deck next weekend, and then the Thursday after next we're leaving to head to Calgary for John's hockey tournament. Gotta keep up!

Anyways, back at it. Have a good one all!

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