Monday, August 8, 2011


So, I've come to a few conclusions - wanna hear about them?

First of all, I've come to the conclusion that though I want my blog to be a crafty kind of blog, it's not going to happen. I love some of the blogs out there that are dedicated to crafts. If I wanted to have more than one blog, that would work. I toyed with the idea a few months back, but I deleted the other, crafts-only blog because I didn't think I could maintain it. I want one blog, but I want it to be about life, so c'est la vie. I guess I will have to deal with it not being a total craft blog, but I hope you'll keep reading anyways.

Second of all, I've come to the conclusion that posting every day is getting to be a nuisance, but I have a goal, and I am going to stick to it. Look out for next year though. Might not be the same thing!

Thirdly, I've come to the conclusion that I may never understand my feelings about my grandmother's death. I think my father is going through the same thing in a totally different way. I'm not sure if I should feel sad, or upset or anything, so I'm just not going to until the mood strikes me. We're talking about going back there next year to see the family (one last time for me). We shall see.

Fourthly, I've come to the conclusion that I HATE ALLERGIES. Why did I get them all of a sudden? I am so stuffed up, and antihistamines only take the edge off. So lame!

And fifthly - I think this will be the last one - I've come to the conclusion that I need to get off of my butt again. I've gained so much weight this summer, and I've barely cared. Now that I know how much I have, I need to get going. I've been doing well food wise today, now it's time to get going with exercise. I have an Oil Wives planning meeting tonight, but hopefully I will be able to convince myself that I need to get out and go for a walk at some point too. I have a change of clothes and my runners and hikers with me, so there shouldn't be an issue, but you know how that goes. With the allergies, I've been so super tired I'm finding it very easy to make the excuses.

So, back to work. Just thought I would share some conclusions with you all while I have them on my mind. Tomorrow, photos of my newest finished project!

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  1. Hi Lady Bug,
    I know what you mean about several different blogs. I've thought about the same thing. Hope you decided to go to your meeting. It does one good to get out among people. About your grandmother, just give it time! I've been following your blog for a few days now and really enjoy it!