Thursday, January 12, 2012

Off Track

It seems to me that every Wednesday, I fall off track. I don't know what it is! Monday and Tuesday are fine, and then Wednesday hits and I feel very "blah."


Yesterday, we got a TON of freight in from Edmonton, and it was all hands on deck until 6 - I usually get off at 4. Generally, I work on the counter, and let the guys in the back do all of the picking. When we get a lot of freight in, I leave my counterpart, Will, and go into the back. It was so hectic. We have room for about 4 pallets of freight, and we got in 8. It's better than it has been, but when you have customers coming in and needing stuff out of freight, it gets difficult.


Suffice it to say, I was tired when I got home. For once, John made it home earlier than I did! I didn't really feel like eating, so John made himself dinner, and then I proceeded to pick at food all night. Such a bad idea! I was down a pound from Sunday, but I gained it back yesterday. It sucks!


And, I've only worked out once, on Monday. Sunday I did practically nothing, and Tuesday is generally my "day off" so I didn't do anything. Tonight is my first yoga class though, so I'm excited. It's going to feel nice, I think! It's a beginner's class, once a week. I've also been following the local yoga studio on Facebook, just in case I feel like taking another class. The thing I like about the one I'm going to is that it's at our Rec Centre that is brand new, and you pay for a session - I'm paid up until March 8. There are other classes you could take too, I just wish there was a step or spin class. Maybe one of the gyms offers that, I'm not sure.


Anyways, Wednesdays. They are killing me. I think I might have to make Wednesday my early morning workout day, and get up at 5, work out before work, and if I feel like it, throw in a JM DVD at the end of the day.


Back to work now. Maybe something interesting will happen...

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