Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, so far so good this week. Week 1 of the year. Wow, still so hard to believe!


I've started using the app, My Daily Plate, and I'm loving it! I love that I can add in my own foods, and track everything - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - separately, and my water consumption, and exercise. There's also a graph to track my weight loss. So nice! I no longer have to carry around a notebook to keep track of things. I have it all on my iPhone!


I've done 2 workouts so far this week. I'm taking it fairly easy, just until I get into it again. I don't want my Achilles tendon to keep me down at all. I need to get a routine for stretching after workouts, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know! I also signed up for a beginner's yoga class starting next Thursday. I am very excited to try it out! It's been so long since I've done a yoga class. I'm sure I'll enjoy it as long as the instructor is good. I'm also signed up for a class in February as part of a Women's Weekend. There is a "lecture" of sorts from Linda Edgecombe, and I signed up for a photography course and the yoga class. Should be fun!


"Shift or Get Off The Pot - Simple Truths about Getting a Life" is the theme of the women's weekend. Linda has just wrote a book on the subject, and is coming to talk about it. It's all about coming up with strategies and goals for living life more happily and satisfied. I think it's the perfect theme to go along with losing weight. It's all about becoming happier, I think. Should be fun, anyways. She sounds fairly humorous, so it should be fun.


Four days into the new year, and I'm feeling good. I think I should be able to reach my first goal easily - but I guess we will see once I do my second weigh in. I feel like I should be able to lose a couple of pounds this week, as long as I keep doing what I'm doing. It does take a lot more work to lose weight though. Not as much as I though, but I think it takes more pre-planning. I actually have to cook my meals, or else I have no idea how many calories are in it. I have to look at portion sizes of the foods I want to eat to make sure I'm not going crazy. It's definitely hard. Especially at night. Nights are the worst. I don't do much after I get home from work, so all I want to do is eat. Boredom is a killer!


Anyway, I think, so far so  good. Overall, I'm feeling awesome, and I hope it continues!

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