Friday, October 26, 2012

Inventory Prep & Inventory

What a week it's been. It feels like it will never end - yes, I do realize that it is Friday morning, but not only am I prepping for my inventory next weekend, I have to go and help John with his inventory tonight after work. It's crazy. I've been working lots of extra hours with an incredibly sore left wrist (I don't know what I did, but it's painful), and most likely, I'll be working this weekend too. Then all next weekend. I'm so glad the weekend after my inventory is a long weekend. I'm going to stay inside and do NOTHING! It'll be so nice. I can imagine it now. PJ's and tea and movies. Yipee!

Has anyone watched "Rock of Ages" yet? Surprisingly enough, it's pretty entertaining. Except that they remade Pat Benetar songs. It would have been an amazing movie if they would have just left her songs alone. Mary J Blige doesn't do it justice, but Tom Cruise actually does a pretty good job. I'm listening to the soundtrack now, and it's very amusing!

Other than that, life has been pretty boring. Working so many hours makes me so exhausted, so I don't want to do anything when I come home, and let me tell you, the house has taken a beating. I need to do some major cleaning this weekend. I think I can get it all done in a couple of solid hours, but it's so hard to want to do it after working so much. Gotta get done though. Maybe I should just hire a cleaner!!

Ok. Time to go to work! Yippee!!

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