Sunday, October 14, 2012

Winterizing the Travel Trailer

What an ordeal. We waited too long to winterize our trailer. Or, I guess I should say, we didn't realize that it was going to be full blown winter the second week of October. We ended up using 22 jugs of RV antifreeze. And it's around $6 a jug. Frick. I mean, it would have been more if we had taken it to Dawson Creek (5-6 hour drive away) but it's crazy. And, we were pouring the antifreeze into the trailer, and couldn't figure out why the pump wasn't picking it up. It was because there was just a little bit of water in the lines, and it was frozen. So, we had to back the trailer into John's shop at work and hope that none of the lines had busted. So lucky that none of them did! Now at least the trailer is good to go for the winter. But man. It could have been simpler!

Oh, and did I mention, it was raining the whole time, and below zero. Yep, freezing rain. I hope neither of us wake up tomorrow and are sick. What a weekend. Hope you all had a better, more relaxing one than I had!

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