Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Thoughts

Random thought of the day: I just saw an ad on tv for pjama jeans and man oh man, don't those look comfy? It's pretty pathetic that they cost the same amount (or more) that I pay for regular jeans, but it's tempting. Very tempting.

Another day, another dollar. That's my slogan for this week. I'm really not feeling well (lower back pain that is pretty bad) and the manager is gone, so I'm basically in charge. Not too bad, but I have zero energy, and zero desire to do much. It happens. I'll just have to keep on keeping on. I do have a new coffee mug, courtesy of our own Mountain Man, which makes me "Happy Happy Happy." If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch some Duck Dynasty, and you'll figure it out. I'll post a photo of the mug soon!

The photo that I have attached are a couple of baby blankets that I found on sale at Barkerville. I can't really remember how much they were on sale for, but I do remember that I was excited to find crocheting somewhere that was actually handmade in Canada, not in China or somewhere in Asia made in a sweat factory. And they were so pretty!

Speaking of crochet, I've been doing lots of neat stuff, but so far, I have no photos of the projects. Hubby is gone on Sunday until the next weekend, so maybe I'll find some time to take some photos of works in progress and finished projects. I'm planning on using up a bunch of little balls of yarn on what I'm calling "Test Squares." Using up bits and pieces of squares to test patterns for later blankets. I'll definitely post photos of those!

Anyways, I should get ready for work, even though I really really really don't wanna. Gotta make the moneys!!

Talk soon!

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