Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday AM Weigh-In

Welcome to Sunday morning! I had such a crappy night last night. I had a massage in the afternoon, which was amazing - for once I don't think I'm going to be in a ton of pain today. But, I came home and started to feel sick. Like lay in bed and not move kind of sick. I basically laid in bed and watched movies for the rest of the evening. Then, I finally tried to get to sleep, and woke up about midnight. Like, wide awake. I think John got up, and then I was totally awake. So, I laid there until at least 1:30, and finally got back to sleep...until 6. I did still get a good amount of sleep, but waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep is a killer. I friggen hate it!

Anyways, so I got a message on FB from a friend in Ontario about her Sunday morning weigh-in. Good thing, because I would have totally forgotten! I think she's struggling as much as I am to get back into weight loss mode. It's so tough!

So, last Sunday, I weighed in at 210 pounds (I accidentally typo'd and put in 201 - I wish!). At the beginning of the year, I was 213.1 pounds, so I was down 3.1 pounds. This morning, I was 209.1 pounds. Only 0.9 of a pound this week, not the 1.5 pounds that I wanted, but I should be glad that I didn't go up, especially since I didn't workout at all. And, I guess that means 4 pounds this year, which is good for 2 weeks.

But, that means that this week I need to kick it into gear, and actually work out. I've been thinking about what kind of workouts to do, and I think the first step for me is to get on the tread climber, and to start doing some massive stretching. I found this image in Pinterest, and I want to try some of them out. Some of them are kind of ridiculous, but it's a good start. I realized during my massage yesterday that if I stretched a bit more, and did some walking, I might not have so much pain. So, here's to trying.

Today, I think will be a quiet day in the J&K household. Laundry to be done, a bit of cleaning. Maybe to take Miss Molly for a walk, or at least somewhere for her to chase her tennis ball. Hope you have a great day!

Talk soon!

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