Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Interview

So, I had an interview with Macenna staffing service. It's a local staffing service, and their success rate is really high. I hope that I hear something soon. Especially considering that I didn't even hear back from the guy from Bergen Financial. He told me he'd call on Wednesday, and that was yesterday. Still nothing today. Thanks for keeping your promise Neil! But, it's actually a good thing, because I don't think it was what I wanted anyways. But still. At least call!

Also, I still have this damn headache. I was doing well with it this morning, so I thought that I was in the clear, but nope. I did get medication for it - ridiculously priced medication. Thank goodness for extended medical! Eight pills was almost $80, but I only had to pay $8. So crazy! $10 per pill!!! What!!!

Oil Wives tonight. Hope it's not too long because my head is still pounding!

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