Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crappy Day

What a shitty day today was. Just the worst.

We woke up this morning, and got ready, and then it was off to Grande Prairie. Sounds like a good plan, eh? I really needed some dressier clothes. For the past 3 and a half years, I've been in jeans and yoga pants, with maybe one or 2 nicer outfits. Well, if I'm going to be getting a job in an administration role of some kind, I assume I'm going to have to dress a bit nicer. So, we thought it would be a good opportunity to do some shopping, and save half the taxes. So, we hit up Costco, which is always fun, and then met Danielle for lunch. Here's where it all starts going downhill.

She took us to this restaurant that's more of a sports pub. That's fine, normally, but I wasn't too hungry, so the menu was pretty bland for me. And our waitress was the worst! I ordered a plain old taco salad, hold the green onions. Something simple, right? Wrong. She couldn't even get that right, and the taco chips that were on the top were old and stale. Usually, I just ignore that, and since it took so long for us to get it, there was no way I was sending it back, but Danielle let her know how bad it was. And she didn't care! Didn't offer to get me a new one, didn't even seem concerned that the food she was serving was bad. I ate most of it, because it was really only the taco shells that were really bad, and there weren't many green onions. I just couldn't believe the lack of service. So bad.

Then we go to the mall. First, to Suzy Shier. I try on 2 pairs of pants - size 11. Neither fits well. I mean, I can do them up, but it's not pretty. Then to Smart Set. Same deal. By the time I was in Smart Set's changing room, I was crying. I had a fat day. Seriously! It was so difficult. I mean, I know sizes change and stuff, but I was wearing a size 11 around Christmas, and now I can't. It really made me upset. So, we made it out to the truck, I cried for a good 15 minutes, and then went to Reitmens. A place I never thought that I would shop. But, I found pants there. Then we went back to the mall and got some shirts. At least I have a decently professional closet now, not just hoodies and jeans. It just really sucked! But it was the motivation I needed, I hope. I want to lose. And lose a lot. This is the one time in life that I will win by losing.

Ugh. Time for bed. Huge headache from the crying.

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