Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rest Day

I totally thought today was supposed to be my workout rest day! But, um, NOPE! I ate too much today, and I thought, hmm, I should do a workout anyways. So, I logged onto my workout, and sure enough, I had a workout planned for today! Good thing I checked. And it was a good one. I love the boxing style workouts. I think maybe John and I should try the MMA gym in town. Just to see what it's like! I feel like I need to try more things. John and I are thinking of buying gloves and sparring, but maybe we should hit a gym first. Just so we know what we're doing (and so he doesn't knock me out!).

Tomorrow we're going to visit one of my besties in Fairview. So excited. I miss her, and her little guy, Cam, so much. I'll take some photos tomorrow to post. He's so great. So is she! Uh, miss her so much!

Ok, time for a nice warm bath! I think I deserve it after my workout!

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