Saturday, March 12, 2011

Interview #1 of 3

So, had my interview today. Didn't go exactly as planned, but it was ok. He really wants to make sure that the person he hires is a person that will be the exact right fit, and I get that. It'll be him and that person working together day after day. So, he wants to do a 3 step interview process. That's fine. I'm not 100% on this job anyways. It's an administration position that might turn into more of a financial planning role. I'm not sure that I want to get into that when I want to have a family in the next few years. So, I'll wait until Wednesday when he calls to let me know if he wants to interview me again, and go from there. I know there are a lot more jobs out there, so we'll see.

Off to GP tomorrow to buy some clothes. I went though all of my stuff, and I don't have much that I would be able to wear in any administration position, so I need to buy some essentials. Not much though - I don't want to buy a lot and then not fit it in a while! That would suck.

Have a good night all!

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