Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Biggest Loser


Ok, I have to talk about this, because I'm pissed. Last night I only got to watch the first 45 minutes of TBL because I had to go to an Oil Wives meeting. So, I watched it this morning. AND I AM MAD AT THE RED TEAM.

In this episode, the contestants got to go home for 2 weeks, and had to come back ready for a 5K, for which they had no idea what the prize would be. So they have their 2 weeks at home, and come back to the ranch. The 5K that they were to do would be the same as the beginning - they would choose their trainers and teams based their place in the 5K. So they battle it out, and Arthur, the biggest guy EVER on the ranch comes in last. Then they go to the weigh in and the teams are chosen. It ends up that Arthur switches over to the red team, who is like a family that looks out for each other. They lose the weigh in, and everyone pleas for Arthur to stay in the competition because he needs to be there. So, what do they do at the elimination? Vote out Arthur! The only person on the ranch who really need to be there! It's so pathetic! Why would you do that? Why?!? I mean, there's a girl on the red team who now weighs in the 180s. Why the hell would you keep her, and not keep the guy who is still in the high 300s? I don't know, but I think it's pretty cowardly. Now what will happen if they lose again? They're going to have to vote her out. So dumb.

Ok, I'm done with my rant now. Just so mad!

Today I did my Biggest Loser weigh in. The thing about the game I have is that the weigh in is in kg, which sucks. The reason it sucks is because there are 2.2 lbs per kg. So, when I have an ok week and lose only 1 pound, that's only 0.45kg, which doesn't show on the scale. When I have a decent week and lose 2 pounds, that's only 0.91kg. It's very hard to lose weight the smart way on it. I mean, I know I'm doing well, but it rounds everything up to the next kg, and it's really hard to see the progress. I know it's happening, but it sucks.

Monday I listened to a Jillian Michaels podcast on iTunes. If you have iTunes, you can go and download them for free. The one I listened to had a caller asking about her fat burning supplements. She talked about how they work, and that all they do is accelerate weight loss, because who doesn't want to see fast progress? So, I started taking them this morning. I did some research online, and decided that it would be a good idea to take them, but not for too long. I think I'll take them until I get down to the low 180s like I was before Christmas, and then go off of them. And after that I will use them solely as a helper to get me through plateaus. Basically, Jillian said that if you're losing about 2 pounds a week through diet and exercise, this should help you lose an extra pound a week. To get to my goal of 145, I'm looking at 2 pounds a week for about 6 months. That means I'll be damn close for my friend Tasha's wedding in July, and pretty close by my friends Ashley and Shawn's wedding in August, and for sure there by John's cousin Terry's wedding in September. Yes, 3 weddings this summer. 4 if we make it to Clinton for my friend Jenna's wedding in August too.

It's going to be hard, but I really want to keep thinking about these weddings. I want to look fabulous at each of them!

Tasha's is an important one. She is a high school friend, and I assume a whole bunch of high school friends will be there. Since I started gaining the weight, I've only really seen a handful of people from high school, and they were all my really close friends. I'm thinking that I will be seeing a lot of people that I partied with, and those people will have never seen me like I hope to be. I don't know really what I weighed in high school, but I do remember taking a size 12 pant. I'm hoping to be in my 9s or 8s at that point. That will be a huge accomplishment to me. I know it's vain in a way, but I really want it to be that way!

As for Ash and Shawn's wedding, well, I'm only going to know a handful of people there, so I don't really care how I look there! I'm taking their wedding photos, so I'll just be that annoying girl with a camera!

And then there's Terry and Sherri's wedding. If I'm at my 145 goal then, none of John's family will have seen me at that weight. When I was introduced to the family, I was in the 160s. Then I climbed up and up and up to the 200s. Then, last summer at John's mom's wedding, everyone was so amazed at how I looked, and I weighed 187 lbs at her wedding. Just wait until they see the 145 pound Kara! They won't know what to do! Ha!

I know these goals may sound silly, but I think they are what is going to help pull me through this weight loss. I keep thinking that I want to go to Le Chateau and buy a dress. I think I've only bought about 3 things at the store in my entire life. One was my winter dress jacket, and I was so shocked that it fit that I had to buy it. But I even remember when I was in Kamloops trying to find clothes there and it was hard. I'm bound and determined to buy one of my dresses there. I just keep thinking about it. There was a really nice dress when we were in Grande Prairie a few weeks ago that I wish I fit into, but I don't want to buy anything now! I have about 35 pounds to lose before the first wedding! If I bought a dress it sure wouldn't fit for that wedding!

Ok, I need to get ready to go now. I'm going to go drop my resume off at one place and go meet mom for a walk. Yes, I'm walking with her again. I gave up on being mad because I need to see someone during the day or I go stir crazy. Today's my "rest day" but I think I might come home and do a workout too. Gotta keep it going!

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