Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back in FSJ

So, made it home safe and sound today. I have to admit, though it was nice to be down in Golden to make sure that Grandpa was ok, it's nice to be home. I also need to admit that I wish I had taken that temp job that I interviewed for because funds are getting to be on the low side. I'm actually worried that we're not going to be able to go to John's cousin's wedding in Ontario, and that makes me sad. And a bit guilty, because we would for sure be able to go if I hadn't quit my job. But, I did it for my health, and now it's time to start taking care of myself, starting with going to the doctor to make sure that I get everything taken care of. Blood work and stuff. And making appointments for John! Both of us need to start taking care of ourselves.

Ok, got to go do something. I'm restless.

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