Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Well, I certainly hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. Ours wasn't too bad. There was too much snow to hike around (which we tried) so we spent a lot of time indoors. We bought a trailer (YAY!) which is awesome. We should be able to pick it up this weekend, so I will definitely post photos then. Now, to share some photos from the weekend:

A quick shot that I took of John on our geocaching adventure. The weather was good, so we thought why not try out our new GPS? Bad idea. There was so much snow and slush in the community forest that we couldn't do anything.

My baba-girl Zahara. Usually, I have more photos of Zeus, but Zahara has become quite lovey in the last little while. She's a constant companion who doesn't try to steal my wool unlike Zeus.

My Easter decorations. Not much, but I sure like it! I've seen on a lot of blogs that I follow that they do an Easter tree, not unlike a Christmas tree. They use branches in a bundle and hang eggs and bunny figurines and stuff from them. I'm thinking I might do one of those for next year! I think most of these women are British - maybe it's an English thing?

Beautiful orange flower plant from my mom-in-law. I am notoriously bad with flowering plants (or any plants other than aloe vera) so I'm hoping that this one will live, though I'm not giving it much hope!

John's jersey was draped over our seldom used treadmill this morning. It's just going to hang out until the next game. I know there are some haters out there that want to bash the Canucks, but this is not the place. I have hope in them. I'm actually getting really sick of the bashing. It's fine when it's a friendly thing like between John, me and his step-dad. Lloyd is a die-hard Calgary Flames fan, and we are a Vancouver Canucks household. We joke back and forth, but when Calgary got knocked out, Lloyd started cheering for Vancouver. Now, I don't expect everyone to cheer for the Canucks once their team is out, but don't bash them. I had a FB status up about the game last night (which they did lose, but they played amazingly well and lost in sudden death OT) and I got a bunch of haters calling them down. Not cool. I'm so not up for that stuff. Poor sportsmanship on the part of the people who are just hating because their team is already golfing. If tomorrow night the Canucks lose, we'll cheer for someone else and not hate. It's annoying.

Anyways, now that my hockey rant is over, I should get cracking. Lots of laundry to do today!

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