Friday, April 1, 2011

Golden - Day 3

Today was another good day. Grandpa seems to be doing well, and everyone else is great. We got a chance to visit with my auntie Karen and her mom. I can't believe her mom is going to be 86. NUTS. Here are some photos:

Auntie Karen & Gramma Helen

Auntie Karen & Mom

Me and Auntie Karen

Looks like we're going to try to head home tomorrow. I want to. I just do not want to do the whole trip in one day. We have my truck, and honestly, I don't like my mom driving it. She isn't used to it and it freaks me out. Unfortunately, we're supposed to get snow tomorrow through the Banff/Jasper Parks, and I am a bit nervous. Not like a little bit of snow, like a lot of snow. 30cm in Calgary. Yikes. We'll see what happens.

I think I'm about ready for bed now. Night all!

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