Monday, April 4, 2011

Nice To Know...

...that your husband misses you when you're gone. Makes you feel appreciated. John said that he missed my pampering while I was in Golden. Not having someone to make you dinner and lunch sure makes a difference. It makes me feel good to know that he appreciates what I do and that he misses it while I'm gone.

While I was in Golden I got a chance to visit with one of my cousins. She's lost like 19 pounds. Looks awesome! It's hard to believe that she's done so well. She and her husband have been on The 17 Day Diet. So, after talking to her, I've decided to go on it as well. And John too, mostly. My mom and I bought the book and she read a bit yesterday, and I'm going to start it today. I think, if I feel like the diet is something we can do, John and I will start it Monday at the same time as mom. John didn't want to start it so soon because he has his drunken hockey tournament next weekend, and Easter is coming up, but it's all good. He'll just miss out on the one weekend, and we'll have a diet Easter dinner. It's just going to be us and John's mom, Heather, so it's not like it's a huge deal. Heather'll be game.

Anyway, I'm going to grab my book and run a nice hot bath!

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