Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anniversary Surprise

As you know, yesterday was my and John's anniversary. Two years married! I came home to quite a surprise from our roommate. I knew that she was planning on spending the night at a friend's house, but nothing like what I walked into.

Chick flicks (one of which I thought I had lost - I haven't seen my Bridget in forever)
and some munchies!

Table set for a nice dinner - complete with wine!

Flowers from Lisa...

Flowers from Momma...

Bathtub set up for romance (except for the candles Zeus knocked over into the tub)

John and I were definitely appreciative. Since we just got home from vacation, we didn't really plan anything, so this was a nice surprise. We ordered dinner from BPs, drank some wine, watched TV, and had a nice cool bath. It gets so damn hot in our house at night!

Anyways. It was a good day. Another year before we can celebrate!

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  1. Awww how thoughtful! And happy anniversary, we will be celebrating 15 years next week.