Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trailer Travels - Day 9 - Calgary (July 17)

Well, the morning after the drunken mess that was the wedding, we were off once again. John was a bit under the weather, but after the gift opening, we were off to Calgary again to see a concert at the last day of Stampede. I travelled with Kaylie, and we both got very sick of the smell of canola fields.

Calgary was HOT. So warm! Good for the last day of Stampede. We actually ended up seeing two concerts - Jackie Valentine and Marianas Trench. Both were really good. Marianas Trench was late coming on and I was so not impressed (I hate people that aren't on time) but they definitely made up for it.

And of course, being back at Stampede, we got to eat more deliciously gross food. We even tried deep fried Oreos (YUCK!). But then it was back to the campground at Calaway Park for another night before heading home to Golden.

Not a good photo, but it was the best I got of Marianas Trench

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