Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trailer Travels – Day 8 – Hanna (July 16)

Wedding day for another friend! It’s nice to have another friend join the married club. And I got to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen since 2007. We were very close in elementary school, and through high school. We worked together for a bit after high school, but I moved away, then she did. It was nice to see her!

Since the wedding was at a church in the middle of nowhere, we decided to follow the bride out. Bride’s mom (aka Captain Mom) almost got us lost. We found the place, just went a different route than we planned. We were late, but since we were with the bridal party, we didn’t worry too much.

The ceremony was perfect. So sweet. I definitely cried when the groom said his vows, but pulled it together for the bride’s. It was a super hot day in the area, so I’m happy to say that the ceremony went by quickly. Then it was a short break and off to the reception.

And what fun the reception was! Lots of drinks, lots of laughs, lots of dancing. What could be better? Probably the best wedding I’ve ever been to, including my own. It definitely made the trip worth it.

More photos to come on the wedding. I have so many to choose from!

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