Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back Home

Seems like forever since I've been home, but it's only been since Friday afternoon!

I had an awesome time camping. I relaxed, ate some delicious food, and got extremely sunburnt.

It hurts to make facial expressions involving my eyebrows. So lame.

And it kind of hurts to move my arms.

That's what you get when you don't pay attention to the sun. I always forget how crappy the UV rating is up here.

And I love coming home to many lovely blog posts! I spent some time catching up, and I love seeing all of the progress ladies make on their crochet projects while I'm away, neglecting mine. It's getting too warm to be doing much now, so maybe I'll have to curb it for a while.

And I love getting random comments from people that read the blog. I tend to forget that other people maybe read my blog! Nice to have comments show up, that's for sure!

Anyway. Game 1 of the Canucks vs. San Jose. Right now, Lu gave a damn goal to Thorton, and it's lame but...


'Night all!

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  1. Hi Kara! Thanks for joining in at Apples and Pears! If you email me your address and I will post the bookmark. This is a very interesting blog....I am on a bit of a journey myself so will follow your posts with interest! xxx