Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Walking In the Sunshine!

Good Morning World!

This morning I took a walk. I figured, you know, I'm not working, the weather is getting better, I should go outside! So, after doing this workout, I headed out of the house and to a local golf course. I was able to capture this image on the first try!

This was taken at the same spot - so beautiful! I'm so so so glad that the snow is all gone. Time to get outside and see this kind of beauty!

A view of the golf course - so nice!

My last photo of the day. This is the hill down to the back part of the trail. I almost didn't go because I was alone and there is a chance of bears down there, but I braved it anyways! It was so nice in there!

While I was walking, I listened to Jillian Michael's Podcasts. You can download them if you have iTunes here. I think that you should download these, even if you're not losing weight. She goes over everything in life, and you can definitely learn a lot. I'm catching up on them today! 

I have another interview today. I'm not sure what happened with yesterday's, so I called the guy back. He said that he wanted whoever he hired to start today, and I didn't hear anything. I thought maybe I should call back and see what happened. I had to leave a message, so we'll see. I want to work so bad! I got into a pretty bad head space yesterday after I didn't hear back on this last job, and was pretty down last night. This morning I woke up refreshed and started my day off right! I've got to stay within that positive headspace!

Now off to shower and get ready for my day! Hope you all have a chance to go out and enjoy it!

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