Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Books of 2011 - #13

Lucky number 13!

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert (same author of "Eat Pray Love")

I love love love this book! I think that Elizabeth Gilbert is now one of my favourite authors. In this book, the follow up to "Eat Pray Love" she talks about her struggle with marriage, with the idea of it, the rules of it, when she and her lover Felipe are forced to marry so that he can live in the US. They are stopped at a border flying into the US where Felipe is detained and they must start the immigration process for him to even be allowed back into the country. They travel around southeast Asia, and she researches marriage to find something that would suit them. You definitely learn a lot about the history of marriage, and about some of the traditions across the globe. I think that's one of the things that I find fascinating about Elizabeth Gilbert's writing - you learn a lot about topics that you wouldn't normally research. Like, I would have never thought to research marriage before I got married - I knew it was right for me, and that's it. But, in reading her book, I see now that my marriage is exactly what I need, but that the definition of marriage is different for everyone. It's just amazing. Love love love love love. That's really the review of this book. LOVE.

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