Friday, May 27, 2011

Elections, Secret Sisters & Carbs

Funny title, I know! But, that's what I'm going with today!

So, Oil Wives elections last night. I ended up with secretary again for next year. I really did want vice-president, but that can wait for another year, I guess. It's nice to know that our treasurer, who has been on the executive for many, many years thinks I'm a great secretary and that I would be hard to replace. So, secretary for another year!

And, secret sisters! That's another OW thing. Each November, we can choose to participate in secret sisters, and basically, it started out with something small to let another woman know that you're thinking about them. Last year got a bit messy because a well-to-do OW was spending around $100 each month on her secret sister, and somehow, it ended up that her secret sister was HER secret sister, and she stopped coming to meetings, so the gifts stopped coming, and the well-to-do OW got mad, and clouded the whole thing. This year hasn't been too bad. I definitely started to get worried because mine hadn't given me anything (no card or anything!) in a couple of months, and I started to get a little pissy. I mean, I don't want much. A card, flowers, something cheap, because I know that I can't spend a lot on mine, so I don't expect a lot from mine. Last night they made up for it! I got a great gift, and it looks like they spent quite a bit of money, which is nice, but not expected at all - I'm not complaining though cuz I'll take it! Made me feel special anyways!

Then there's carbs. For some reason, today was a carb filled day! All I wanted to was eat carbs! I ate a bagel, some chips, cereal...Ugh. What a crappy day. I'm making some good turkey soup to put in the freezer to have on hand for when I don't want to cook something good. Hopefully I can get back on track - starting tomorrow! 17 Day Diet starting again!

But I should go. Check on the soup. John's working late because of inventory, so it's going to be a long night for me (cuz I have to go and pick him up!).

Have a good weekend all!

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