Monday, May 16, 2011

Camping Woes

Ugh. I don't know why we bother to try to make plans to camp with other couples. We are going where they want, whether we like it or not. It's like we started out making plans together, then it became them making plans and if we want to come we can. We're not making plans, they are and we're lucky enough to get to come with them. John won't stand up for what we want at all, so we're going to have one hell of a weekend, possibly not getting to have a camp fire, sitting in smoke from wild fires, in a place where the damn kids can be happy. I don't get these parents that let the kids control their lives. It's all about the kids. Kids kids kids. I just don't get it. You have kids and then your life isn't your own? If that's what it's like, I don't think I want to have them! Everyone I know lets their children control every move they make. I'll be damned if that happens with me.



Can't even say anything else other than the fact that I am so annoyed.

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