Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Walking Challenge

Ok. So. What a crappy month May was. I gained back everything I lost in April on the 17 Day Diet, and maybe some more. I've been avoiding the scale, but I know I have to step on it tomorrow.

My plan is to start my second favourite month (birthday month!) off on the right foot. Now, I know that might be hard because it is my birthday soon, and that means birthday cake, and a birthday dinner, but I figure if I have a couple of smaller indulgences (because I really don't eat much cake, and if I go out for dinner, I'll stick to something more healthy) that might help me stick to my goals.

So, what are my goals?

First, I want to be in the 170s by July. I'm going to a friend's wedding this summer, and I want to look awesome! Right now, I think that means like 20 pounds in June. Might be a big goal, but I think with the 17 Day Diet, I'll be able to get close at least. I lost 8 pounds the last time of the first cycle, and I didn't exercise, and I cheated a lot. So, if I stick to it a bit better, and exercise every day, I should be ok, I think.

That brings me to my second goal. The June Walking Challenge.

Go to Facebook, and like 2011 - The year of fit, healthy and slim. She asked us a couple of weeks ago if we'd like to do a walking challenge. I suggested that we do something where we have a certain amount of minutes to walk each day, but have it as a weekly total so that if we can't do it one day, we can make it up on another.

And! She used my suggestion! Here's what it looks like:

Week 1 - 210 minutes (June 1-8) 30 minutes a day
Week 2 - 280 minutes (June 9-15) 40 minutes a day
Week 3 - 315 minutes (June 16-22) 45 minutes a day
Week 4 - 350 minutes (June 23-29) 50 minutes a day
Total - 1155 minutes!

Seems attainable, right? Yesterday I did 45 minutes, and I enjoyed it! My goal for this it to be OVER the total. I'm going to put a tracker on my page so that you can keep up with me! I definitely thought we should do something a bit bigger, but maybe that can be July!

Now, I should get going. I want to have a shower and then go for a nice walk. At least for 30 minutes, but maybe more! Gotta update my iPod first though.

Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Hey there! I came to this site via the Facebook group and see that you're doing the 17DD too! I just started last week and I'm down 5 pounds. This walking challenge is a great idea and keep us posted on your results!