Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home from The Fort

So, I've made it home, safe and sound. And boy, is it ever quiet in my house! I don't like it. Not one bit.

This was a long but short weekend. Friday night I went off to Convention, and had a great time, but I knew in the back of my mind that the next day I was heading up to Fort Nelson to leave my husband and kitties for almost a month. The drive up was ok - long but ok. Me and Zeus rocked out to music on full blast. I don't think he enjoyed it nearly as much as I did! Lots of poor moose that got hit on the road on the way up - 4 to be exact. Not all recent, but they were there. So sad. I hope no one got injured, because when you hit a moose, it could kill you easily.

Anyways, so we got everything moved into the new house on Saturday. When we looked at the house, we entertained the idea that once we sell our house, it might be a nice place to buy. Then we moved in. There is clearly something wrong with the foundation because there are large cracks in the drywall, and John's pretty sure that it might just be a wooden foundation with no cement in the basement. And the basement. It would be a total gut job. So, no thanks. I guess we'll be on the house search again in the fall!

But, John is all moved in. He still has lots of unpacking to do, but he has somewhere to watch TV and to sleep, so he's good. I really think that we're going to like living in Fort Nelson. I really do. I might be just convincing myself of it, but I really do think that it will be great.

It just sucked leaving all of them behind. Zeus is scared of the basement, and unfortunately that's where his litter box is. He'll get over it. He basically hid under things for the most part while I was there. He did sleep on the bed, and not under it, so I guess that's something. Zahara could care less. Just more places for her to run around and cry at.

Anyways. Off to bed. On the couch, because that's all there is left. Sigh.

**25 days until John comes back down to move me up to Fort Nelson...

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