Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

Well, if you read below, you'll see what went on this weekend! I do have photos to share though, so I'll add them on here.

Today has been a super long day. I worked on filing all day today. Yes, that does make for an EXTREMELY long day. I'm not looking forward to tonight. Long day today followed by a long night tonight. I'm going to try to create my first vlog tonight, or, at least play with the program on my computer so that I can have something for you all on Wednesday.

My body is definitley telling me that it's time to get with it and start eating better. Absolutely everything I eat or drink (including water) is making me sick. Time to have a salads week! Anyone got any good recipes for me?? I think if I can make it through a few days eating more simple wholesome meals, my stomach will thank me!

Tonight I'm going to get a workout in too. Workout 1 of 40 in the next 24 days. Do you think I can meet my goal? I sure hope I can! Salads and working out - maybe I'll have a GREAT weigh in the first week I'm in Fort Nelson!!

Anyways, check out my photos from the road! Yes, I was being unsafe and taking them while driving. Deal with it.

**24 days until John comes back down to move me up to Fort Nelson...

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