Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In

I have a slight issue with Wednesday Weigh In this week - my scale has gone missing!

To be more precise, John has packed my scale. I haven't decided if I want to buy a new one (which I could probably use) or just go by my measurements. We'll see what I decide.

Measurements (as of 8/31/11 in black, today's measurements in blue):
Neck - 15" 15"
Arm (left) - 15.5" 15.5"
Arm (right) - 16" 15"
Bust - 42" 41"
Chest - 39.5" 39.5"
Waist - 40.5" 41"
Hips - 45" 45"
Thigh (left) - 26" 26"
Thigh (right) - 26.5" 26.5"

That's a total change of -1.5 inches. 

I'd say that's not too bad. I hope that during this week, I can find time to work out - I know I'll be able to on Monday and Tuesday before Wednesday weigh in, but I might not be able to get in a traditional workout before then. We're going to be packing up the truck (moving truck that is) and getting ready to go to Fort Nelson. It's coming up soon!

My ankle is feeling better. Still tender, obviously, but it's not too bad. I can walk normally, I just have to be aware of stairs and getting in and out of my truck. Other than that, I'm almost back in business. Slowly but surely.

Well, I have some last minute cleaning to do, and have to get ready for work. We're having some realtors walk around our house today to see if they have any clients who might be looking for a place like ours. I really hope so!

Anyways, have a great day all!

**Updated @ 1:19PM

So ok, during lunch I went to buy a pair of jeans because, let's face it, winter is coming, and I only have 2 pairs of pants right now. I was down to wearing size 31, and I couldn't face buying anything bigger than a 32. So, I tried on the 32s, and they were all right, so I bought them. Then I started thinking. I know that my DREAM is to get back into 29s, which I know can be accomplished, but right now, I'm at a stage where it's unrealistic to be wearing size 29s, or even 32s. I'm going to take them back after work, or tomorrow morning. I need to remember that sizes aren't everything. It's how I feel that matters. Yes, I feel bad because I've had to go back up in jean sizes, but they could be loose in a matter of weeks and then I'll have to cinch them on with a belt! Who cares?! The size is just a number, just like the scale. You can't take stock value in everything. Yes, I want to lose sizes; yes, I want to lose pounds. But mostly, I want to feel good so that my self confidence comes back! Right now, it's MIA. I hope that the 25 days without John around will work out to be around 40 workouts, and damn, if that doesn't make me lose a few pounds, maybe a size (or just have the jeans fit a little loose), and bring back some self confidence, I don't know what will!

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