Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spending Spree

So, today mom and I went to GP and went on a bit if a spending spree. Fun! My mom is amazing. Like, ok. So, my mom used to be bigger than me. Like, if you looked at us you would wonder where Mother Nature went wrong. Anyways. My mom bought size 9 jeans today. SIZE9! Seriously! I barely got size 9s on. And she was like "Whabam!" and looked so good! I am so proud of her! She told me today that the smallest pants she ever wore were size 12 before I was born. So proud! She looks fantastic! She's withering away to nothing before our eyes! So awesome! Now for me to follow suit!

Not really going to happen right now. I've drank most of a bottle of wine, and the rest is going down quickly. BUT! I did just quit my job. I deserve a celebration, even if it's sitting at home with my hubby, watching the Canucks play the Flames and drinking a bottle of wine. It's always fun watching the Canucks play the Flames because John's step-dad, Lloyd, is a Flamer. And we like to make fun of each other...a lot. It's good. Apparently I'm a hick and Lloyd's a Flamer. It's all good. I'm too drunk to care. As of 9:41PM the Canucks are winning, and that's good!

Have a good night all!

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