Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday - Goals Day! (Week #7)

Well, my first week of not working is over. Time to get back into losing weight!

I weighed in this morning - ready for the scary news? I weighed in at 195 pounds. I'm very disappointed with myself. I thought that I left the 190s behind last year, but nope, they're still present.

Now I have to start thinking realistic goals. What can I do to get this weight off? What was I doing back when it was working? First things first, I know I was writing down everything I was eating. Even if it wasn't something that I should have been eating, I was writing it down. And I was exercising more. So here are the goals (and I am damn well sticking with them this week!):

GOAL #1 - Write down the foods that I eat. That's really the first step in getting this weight off!

GOAL #2 - Work out more! I did ok this week, but I could do better, I know it!

GOAL #3 - No cheats this week! No junk food! No chocolate! Just the good stuff! And if I make it all week, maybe I'll go out and have an ice cream or something to celebrate. One ice cream isn't as bad as several chocolate bars or bags of chips!

I think, with a lot of hard work, I should be able to get to 190 this week. I'll take any loss, but I think I could do it! We'll see how this week pans out!

On a side note, my little niece, Teagan, turns 2 today! I can barely believe it! She was so little at my wedding less than 2 years ago! Just seems crazy. I'm sure I'll go through the same thing around her big sister, Tyhlar's birthday - she's going to be 6 this year! Nuts!

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