Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday - Goals Day! (Week #8) - ON MONDAY

Ok, so I forgot about this yesterday. But like I said, I was enjoying my time with John. I don't get a whole lot of time with him these days where he's relaxed enough to enjoy himself. So, we enjoyed it! Watching movies (Takers - which was good, Megamind - which was cute, and Unstoppable - which was AWESOME) and playing cards. It was good.

So, how did I do from last week? Well, I didn't lose too much - 2 pounds though! I'll take it. That puts me at 193 pounds. Not too shabby. At least it's a loss this week!

And, well, my goals were ok. I wanted to eat better, work out more, and write down what I eat. I did fairly well with this stuff. I can't say I did amazingly well, but I did ok. Obviously if I hadn't had those couple of really slack days I would have lost more, but it's ok. I need to not complain about 2 pounds. That's a healthy amount of weight to lose.

So, what are my goals for this week?

#1 - Keep writing all of my foods down

#2 - Maintain healthy eating

#3 - Workout, workout, workout

#4 - Drink lots of water

Should be easy goals, since the first 3 were fairly attainable last week.

Welcome to the first week of March everyone! It's currently -31 plus the windchill - can you tell how NOT excited I am to leave the house? I might not. I was going to go and apply for some jobs today, but I just don't want to leave the house. I might just stay home, workout with the Biggest Loser and walk on my treadmill. It'll be a test of will - being stuck in my house with food all day long is not preferable, but I have mostly healthy foods here anyway so it's not too bad. I made John take all the cookies I made this weekend to work so I won't eat them. I can't stop at one or two! Just can't!

Have a good Monday!

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