Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Talk

I just realized I never really wrote about the talk I had with my HR person at work. It went so well that I obviously forgot all about it. Basically, she let me know that once I told her that I wasn't leaving because of money, or staffing issues, or anything that could be changed, she let it go, and just wanted to double check that things were good. It was really nice. We bullshitted for damn near 45 minutes about nothing. It was pretty rad. Yes, I said rad. I was totally prepared to go in guns blazing, because it really pisses me off that companies like AGI like to throw offers at you after you've quit instead of making sure things are going well while you're there. It's a slap in the face. Like, once you've finally decided to move on, they offer you what you should have had all along. So dumb. But, she didn't offer me any of that stuff, so I'm really appreciative of that. I didn't have to defend why I'm leaving or anything. She understands the relief that I'm feeling now that I know that I'm leaving. And next week Trish will finally be back! She's been running job trailers in Chetwynd at a coal mine since August. She was supposed to only be gone for 3 months, but look at how long she's been gone! She has a young daughter at home too (the dad is not in the picture) which makes it hard. But she finally gets to come home! I'm so excited for her. And now they won't be so screwed when I leave! Good for both of us - her because her life can get back to normal, and me because I can get a life again!

I'm not sure why I'm awake so early this morning, but here we are. I still have a bit of the headache from yesterday, but I think it might just be that my back is out. I think I'm going to book an appointment for the chiropractor this week, and then book a massage for the week that I'm off. Then start working on my core muscles! Obviously I'm having an issue with them if my back is out so much. And I could use some motivation to get me losing weight. I've been eating so bad, and barely exercising. Today, I have to go in for one guy and grab some stuff out of freight, and then I might go to the track for a few laps, and then I'm supposed to meet my mom after she gets off work to go again. I think I should try for twice a day on the weekends. Maybe it'll get my metabolism going. And I think it'll be easier for me to run without my mom. She doesn't have much interest in running, and I love to run. It feels so freeing. I want to see if I can do more than one lap. A lap on the inner track is a 1/4 mile. I was running a mile in the summer, so technically I should be able to run 4 laps at a time. I'll try it today. I know when we went skating I couldn't do more than 2 and a bit laps without my legs shaking, but I think that's because I'm not used to skates. I'll let you know how it goes!

Well, since I'm up really early, and don't want to go into work yet, I'll maybe go do some dishes or something. Start the cleaning of the weekend. I need to stop letting my housework slip to much during the week - it feels like all I do on the weekends is clean!

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