Monday, January 17, 2011

Lazy Monday

I think, maybe, just maybe, I should start making Monday a rest day. I know you need to take a couple of those per week, and Monday might be the best solution. Really, I never workout Mondays. Or, at least not to full potential. Might as well make each day that I work out the best day that it can be.

I still haven't weighed. I can't seem to remember in the mornings. Seriously. Maybe subconsciously I don't want to weigh because I know it's not going to be like I want it to be. I'm definitely more than I was when the new year rolled around, and I hate that. I need to change that. I know I can. So, I just need to.

I just spoke with my best friend Kaylie, and she reminded me that we have 6 months until we see each other again at a friends wedding. Only 6 months! So, 6 months. That means that in order to get to my goal of being 160 by the wedding, I need to lose like 25-ish pounds. Like 5 a month. I know I keep saying it, but 5 pounds should be manageable. I know I've done it before. So, I need to get motivated and get my ass in gear. I'm going to wait until Sunday to weigh, but then, it's on. I'm going to bring it this week, but once I know the damage for real, it's time. Hopefully it warms up so that I can get more activities in outside. Or, want to go somewhere after work. That's once of the biggest things. Not wanting to go anywhere after work except for my couch.

Now to finish watching Hawaii 5-0 so that I can get the theme song stuck in my head again. Every Tuesday morning I hum the song over and over. Fun. But, the leading men make it worth it :)

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