Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lazy Saturday & Crochet

So, up early this morning to have breakfast with my dad. I can't believe how much snow we had when I walked out this morning. It's like -30 and still snowing?! Not fair. It really should be one or the other. Not both. So, we went out for breakfast, and then he helped me change a backup light in my truck. If it wasn't -30 I would have done it myself but it was nice that I didn't have to do it. All I did was buy the light. Then my dad had to show off his latest project. He's doing some fabrication on a pressure truck and wanted me to see it. He's amazing at it for a guy who was trained as a bodyman and spent 20 years logging. It's pretty cool. And he's so proud of it. I think he enjoyed explaining everything to me.

Then, I came home, cleaned up and made this:

It's a 14 inch square that I made using a strand of blue and one of yellow. I think I should only have to make 9 of them, maybe 12. I'm still tossing the idea around of maybe making a couple of squares with different colours, but we'll see. A friend of mine left a bunch of wool here - I was going to teach her how to crochet and we just never got around to it - so I'm going to make one for her as a surprise!

Now maybe a nice hot bath, and then maybe I'll head back into town to check out the High On Ice stuff, and maybe go to the walking track. It's either the track or my treadmill. I think maybe the track.

Have a good saturday everyone!

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