Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Skating/Snowshoeing Photos

So, tonight John and I went skating tonight. It was pretty funny. And I do mean funny. It's the third time I've been on skates since elementary school. Long ago. I was going pretty well. I did 10 laps (=2.5 miles) which was pretty awesome. I did one lap, rested, one, rested, 2, rested, 3 (and almost bailed pretty hysterically, which is what happens when you have 2 beer for dinner! LOL!) rested, one, then 2 more. Pretty fun. And funny because of the almost epic bail.

Mosnki wanted to see some pictures of snowshoeing. I'll be honest, I didn't get many, and the ones I did weren't too awesome. I took them with my old point&shoot, and they never turn out well. It was fun though!

Looking out on a nice day!

Deer tracks in the snow.

Not our best picture, but it proves we were both there.

The ridiculous hill with 5 feet of snow that we decided to go down first!

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